Login - Where and Why

Published by gtaylor on 28 January 2006 - 10:59pm

The login link is in the upper right corner of The Synaptic Leap. Before you login you are a Guest. We encourage you to create an account, login and become an active member of The Synaptic Leap. It's free! The following page describes the features available to both Guest and Members of The Synaptic Leap.

Guest users may do the following:

  • read all content including projects, RSS news feeds, research tools pages and more
  • subscribe to various content changes via RSS using the XML button in the bottom left corner

Logged on members may do the following additional things:

  • create a community profile to publish your skills and interests to other research scientists
  • you elect whether other members can contact you you from a profile contact page or not
  • discover other research scientists with similar skills and research interests by using our members page and drilling into author profiles
  • post comments and questions to blog postings and discussion forums
  • subscribe to email notifications for recent activity about a particular post, discussion forum...
  • write and maintain your own blog, publishing it into the various research communities within The Synaptic Leap
  • respond to community polls and have your opinion count
  • create a poll and publish it to the community members for them to answer
  • and lastly and most importantly - participate in an open and collaborative project, maintaining your own project information within the community project book
  • check out the following link for information on our privacy policy

Membership has its privileges. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.) Get off the sidelines, login and get active.