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1. Personal Information

Michael L. Love Ph.D
My web page
Department of Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry, School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, The GNU-Darwin Distribution

2. Community Expertise

The Synaptic Leap community
Structural biology

3. Publications


1. Houdusse A, Love ML , Dominguez R, Grabarek Z, CohenC.: Structures of four Ca2+-bound troponin C at 2.0 A resolution: further insights into the Ca2+-switch in the calmodulin superfamily. Structure. 1997 5:1695-711.

2. Li Y, Love ML , Putkey JA, Cohen, C.: Bepridil opens the regulatory N-terminal lobe of cardiac troponin C. PNAS 2000 97:5140-5145.

3. Love ML, Szebenyi DME, Kriksunov IA, Thiel DJ, Munshi C, Graeff R, Lee HC, Hao Q: ADP-Ribosyl Cyclase: Crystal Structures Reveal a Covalent Intermediate . Structure. 2004 Mar;12:477-86.


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