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1. Personal Information

José Barros
Fundação Oswaldo Cruz, Fiocruz, Brazil

2. Community Expertise

Malaria research
Schistosomiasis research
Chagas Research Community
Toxoplasma Research Community
Tuberculosis research community
The Synaptic Leap community

3. Publications


Published books:
1. Miranda, L. S. M. ; LEAL, I. C. R. ; BARROS J. C. . A Química do amor. Coleção Química no Cotidiano Volume 1. 1. ed. São Paulo: Sociedade Brasileira de Química, 2010. v. 1. 66 p.

Just accepted (ASAP) articles:

1. Barros, José C. ; YAUNNER, R. S. ; Souza, Andrea L. F. ; SILVA, J. F. M. ; ANTUNES, O. A. C. . Sonogashira coupling using PdEnCat : a copper-, phosphine-, amine- and microwave-free alternative to the preparation of arylalkynes. Applied Organometallic Chemistry, 2011.

Published articles:

1. Octavio M.A. de Souza, Rodrigo ; BARROS J. C. ; SILVA, J. F. M. ; ANTUNES, O. A. C. . Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship of Morita-Baylis-Hillman Adducts with Leishmanicidal Activity. Zeitschrift für Naturforschung. C, A Journal of Biosciences, v. 66, p. 136-142, 2011.

2. Barros, José C. ; Souza, Andrea L. F. ; da Silva, Joaquim F. M. ; ANTUNES, O. A. C. . Exploratory Studies on the Reaction Between Iodoarenes and Acetylenes: One-pot, Pd-[Bmim][BF4] Catalyzed Preparation of Trianisylethylene. Catalysis Letters, v. 141, p. 549-553, 2011.

3. Villas-Boas Hoelz, Lucas ; Gonçalves, Biank Tomaz ; Barros, José Celestino ; Mendes da Silva, Joaquim Fernando . Solvent Free, Microwave Assisted Conversion of Aldehydes into Nitriles and Oximes in the Presence of NH2OH HCl and TiO2. Molecules (Basel), v. 15, p. 94-99, 2010.

4. BARROS J. C. . Microencapsulated Palladium Catalysts: Pd EnCat. Australian Journal of Chemistry (Print), v. 63, p. 850-850, 2010.

5. Barros, José C. . FeCl3 e o catalisador de facto em acoplamentos carbono-heteroátomos. Revista Virtual de Química, v. 2, p. 161-163, 2010.

6. C. Barros, Jose ; Octavio M.A. de Souza, Rodrigo ; F.M. da Silva, Joaquim ; dos S. Pinheiro, Eloan ; Tanuri, Amilcar ; BARROS J. C. . A Tribute to Octavio Antunes: A Brazilian Approach to Protease Inhibitors. Letters in Drug Design & Discovery, v. 7, p. 707-709, 2010.

7. Barros, José C. ; Albuquerque, M. G ; SILVA, J. F. M. ; ANTUNES, O. A. C. . Quantitative structure-activity relationship study of para-substituted trans- and cis-tamoxifen derivatives. Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research, v. 2, p. 500-507, 2010.

8. Barros, José C. ; BARROS J. C. . Accessing the Right to Chemical Education. Journal of Chemical Education, v. 86, p. 1028, 2009.

9. Barros, José C. ; Souza, R. O. M. A. ; Epifânio, R. A. . A química catalisada por Octavio Augusto Ceva Antunes. Revista Virtual de Química, v. 1, p. 181-181, 2009.

10. BARROS J. C. . An Overview of Synlett Spotlights after 10 Years and 300 Editions. Synlett (Stuttgart), v. 2009, p. 3383-3386, 2009.

11. Santos, Anderson Rouge dos ; Firme, Caio Lima ; Barros, José Celestino . A internet como fonte de informação bibliográfica em química. Química Nova, v. 31, p. 445-451, 2008.

12. Barros, José C. ; de Souza, Andréa Luzia F. ; de Lima, Paulo G. ; da Silva, Joaquim F. M. ; ANTUNES, O. A. C. . Selectivity studies in the reaction between iodobenzene and phenylacetylene: Sonogashira coupling vs hydroarylation. Applied Organometallic Chemistry, v. 22, p. 249-252, 2008.

13. BARROS J. C. ; SILVA, J. F. M. ; CALAZANS, A. ; TANURI, A. ; BRINDEIRO, R. ; WILLIAMSON, J. S. ; ANTUNES, O. A. C. . Synthesis of Pseudopeptides Derived from (R,R)-Tartaric Acid as Potential Inhibitors of HIV-Protease. Letters in Organic Chemistry, v. 3, p. 882-886, 2006.

14. Barros, José C. . Trichloroisocyanuric Acid (TCCA). Synlett (Stuttgart), p. 2115-2116, 2005.


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