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1. Personal Information

Philip Haynes
Mercurien Pty Ltd

2. Community Expertise

Schistosomiasis research
The Synaptic Leap community

3. Publications


1. Web Scaling Software Development into The Cloud, JAOO Sydney, 2008
2. A RESTful project approach, Australian Architecture Forum, Sydney / Melbourne, 2008
3. Pervasive Web Application Server Design- Serving Australia's HTTP traffic with 100 x $2,000 computers, Sydney Java Users Group, July 2007.
4. Haynes, P. and Edwards, J., The Australian Opportunity in Global Software Development, 12, 3, Cutter IT Journal, March 1999.
5. Haynes, P. and Henderson-Sellers, B., Bringing OO Projects Under Control: an Output, Cash, and Time-Driven Approach, 10, 11, American Programmer, November 1997.
6. Menzies, T.J. and Haynes, P., Q: Do We Really Use Encapsulation? Technical Report TR95-18, Department of Software Development, Monash University.
7. Haynes, P. and Henderson-Sellers, B., Cost Estimation of OO Projects: Empirical Observations, Practical Applications, 9, 7, American Programmer, July 1996.


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