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2. Community Expertise

Malaria research
Schistosomiasis research
Chagas Research Community
Toxoplasma Research Community
Tuberculosis research community
The Synaptic Leap community

3. Publications


Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase Inhibitors. Surprising Selectivity of Chiral Azetidine Ureas: Bioorg.
Med.Chem. Lett. 2009, 19, 4241-4
Overcoming hERG issues for brain-penetrating cathepsin S inhibitors: 2-Cyanopyrimidines.
Part 2. Bioorg. Med.Chem. Lett., 2008, 18, 5280-5284.
4-Amino-2-cyanopyrimidines: Novel scaffold for non-peptidic cathepsin S inhibitors. Bioorg.
Med.Chem. Lett., 2008, 18, 4642-6.
Medicinal Chemistry – Progress through innovation. Hart, T., Drug Discovery World, 2006, 7, 52-56
New drug targets in inflammation and immunomodulation. Hart, Terance; Lamont, Alan; Williams,
David. Drug Discovery Today (1998), 3(11), 516-521. .
Rapid responses. Hart, Terry. Chemistry in Britain (1998), 34(10), 47-49.
The design and synthesis of inhibitors of the cysteinyl protease, Der p I. Billson, Jeremy; Clark,
Jonathan; Conway, Simon P.; Hart, Terance; Johnson, Tony; Langston, Steven P.; Ramjee,
Manoj; Quibell, Martin; Scott, Richard K., Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters (1998), 8(9),


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