Scalable Development Environment

Published by gtaylor on 29 January 2006 - 1:12pm


general open research

Project Description 

Marc's collaborative genomic modules for malaria have inspired me.  Given the power of open source solutions such as Drupal, any community savvy software person can deploy a collaborative community.  The secret sauce is allowing scientists to help extend the collaboration modules to meet new and yet-to-be imagined needs.  My goal is to provide a push-button software development environment for other programming savvy scientists.  We need to provide secure access to the development tools, complete with development standards and guidelines, version control, quality checks and migration to the main site procedures.  These same tools will enable us to put any volunteer to work in evolving our platform. 

Project Status

This is still at the idea stage so far.  Once I write down the requirements, I will attach them to this project page. 

Project Participants Onboard

  • Ginger Taylor - requirements analyis
  • Doug Chasman - programming and environment configuration
  • Chris Heller - will provide a little trac and subversion guidance and will assist with migrating our current trac implementation to another hosted environment.