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Published by MatTodd on 22 October 2007 - 10:05pm

Does praziquantel bind actin? Tallima and El Ridi recently proposed actin as the molecular target of PZQ, based on affinity chromatography studies. Todd and Cioli performed similar experiments (with a different support-bound PZQ) and found actin bound to PZQ-free support, implying that actin is a false positive, identified due to its cellular abundance. Other evidence? Required projects?

Strategies to Identify the Target of Praziquantel

Published by MatTodd on 22 October 2007 - 9:57pm

There are three obvious methods to identify PZQ's in vivo target: 1) Radiolabelled PZQ (tritiated probably best). It's likely that the interaction between PZQ and its target is not long-lived, which means purely radiolabelled PZQ is not the best strategy. 2) Solid-supported PZQ. It may be possible to attach PZQ to a solid support and pass the parasite proteome down a column of this support to identify retarded proteins. For preliminary results in this direction see the actin project page. 3) A strong approach is the attachment of a photoaffinity probe to PZQ, e.g. an azide.

Target of Praziquantel

Published by MatTodd on 22 October 2007 - 1:26pm

One of the enduring research problems associated with Praziquantel is that its mechanism of action is unknown, which is to say the biological target is unknown. If we were to find this target, we could design drugs rationally. There is evidence in the literature that the parasite's calcium ion channel is involved in praziquantel's mode of action. Robert Greenberg reviewed this area in 2005.

genetic diversity of schistosoma haematobium

Published by luogbou on 30 September 2007 - 7:03pm

I am a biochemist i have a good background on molecular biology. i would like to joint a research team to complete my PhD thesis.According to my accademic profile, i am able to work on many research areas like genetic diversity of schistosoma, efficacity of praziquantel, vaccine development against schistosoma spp. and so one.


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Reduction of Aliphatic Nitro Groups

Published by MatTodd on 26 June 2007 - 9:52am


Request for Help

We have been working for a little while on the aza-Henry route to PZQ. We're going to submit a paper to an open access journal on some of this work, but I thought we should post on something we're looking at now, since we've come up against an unexpectedly difficult step and need some help.
We've been trying to reduce an aliphatic nitro group (picture is below). The compound is a model case for PZQ that we've been looking at. This reduction looks to be a very simple reaction, and we did not expect problems.