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  • appropriate copyrights for the community

    Published by gtaylor on 1 December 2005 - 1:41am
    We're now in the embryonic stages of the community.  At this juncture, we have no copyright notifications on the site.  I'd like advice on what is appropriate for our goals.   Open Wetware is using a Creative Commons logo in their footer.  Here's a link to their copyright wording.  PLoS on the otherhand only has a copyright footer showing up on the article pages themselves.


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  • 18 Nov

    Embrace the chaos!

    Published by gtaylor

    A Greek friend of mine once told me he didn’t believe in voting. He said that the Greeks invented democracy but had evolved past it to chaos. At the time, I thought he was just being eccentric and didn’t push him on the subject. However the statement was odd enough to stick in my brain. After all, Petros doesn’t say things just to hear himself talk; he’s usually thought long and hard about such things before saying them. As I’ve been contemplating how to find cures to diseases more quikly, I’ve decided that chaos is the next evolved state of scientific and medical research and is what we should help unleash to both find cures more quickly as well as lower the cost of discovery.

  • Welcome

    Published by marcius on 15 November 2005 - 6:31pm

    Malaria is the most important tropical disease, remaining widespread throughout the tropics, but also occurring in many temperate regions. It exacts a heavy toll of illness and death - especially amongst children and pregnant women. It also poses a risk to travellers and immigrants, with imported cases increasing in non-endemic areas. Treatment and control have become more difficult with the spread of drug-resistant strains of parasites and insecticide-resistant strains of mosquito vectors. more information

  • Projects

    Published by marcius on 21 October 2005 - 2:54pm

    The Malaria genome is largely unexplored (~65% of ORF are annotated as hypothetical proteins). We intend to provide the Malaria community with tools to use, analyze and annotate the known data about all proteins in the Malaria genome. We believe that “collective knowledge” can contribute to a large efforts which could not be accomplished by the individuals alone. The use of open source methods and the tools to initiate research collaborations within the Malaria community of TDI, will help towards identifying the most promising targets and compounds for drug discovery against Malaria. For the pilot phase, the list of projects within the community will be manually maintained by me. To discuss potential other projects with other community members, use the discussion forum. If you have one going and want me to add it to the list, email me or post a comment to this page. Thanks! -marcius

    Active or Completed Projects

    Protein structure prediction of the Malaria genome

    Projects in development

    Target Selection for Structural Genomics
      Status: 90% developed Release date:December, 2005 Project
  • Research Tools for Malaria

    Published by marcius on 21 October 2005 - 3:13am

    This page is for useful tools and resources for Malaria. Add your own by leaving a comment below.

  • gene annotations and poll

    Published by marcius on 17 October 2005 - 7:14pm

    it just occurred to me (probably you alredy had it on mind) that we need to have a system similar to citulike and connotea for genes!!! On other words, let TSL be for genes what delicious is for links or flikr is for photos! Imagine a situation in which we catalog (tru NCBI eUtils ALL genes known up-to-date, and allow people to subscribe to their genes by providing them a card with lots if info. They also tag them, annotate them, create groups around a gene, etc... then we have what we are looking for!! There would be no need of a voting system.


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