TDI & TSL mentioned in The Economist article on Open Source

17 Mar
Published by gtaylor


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Open, but not as usual mentions both Tropical Disease Initiative and The Synaptic Leap.

...Other projects, such as the Tropical Disease Initiative and the Synaptic Leap, are forming along similar lines. Synaptic Leap points out that because it is not motivated by profit, it has no motive to keep secret any fruits derived from collaboration in research on, for example, malaria....

It's nice to see us in the news of such a credible magazine. I've long been a fan of The Economist as the best way to get news with a minimum US bias. Both Stephen Maurer and Arti Rai, our advisors and founding members of Tropical Disease Initiatve, have contacts at The Economist. I assume that is how they have heard of us. 

Anyway, nice to see our name in print. I must admit I did a little dance.