Creating Content

Published by gtaylor on 15 March 2006 - 3:52pm

There are five primary types of content within The Synaptic Leap:

  • Project Pages, created as "child pages" for research community projects using the book module
  • Personal Blog pages, used for pre-project style brain storming communications

The content publishing applications are your online collaboration tools within The Synaptic Leap. With a few basic concepts down, you'll be ready to start collaborating with your fellow scientists.

The following will describe the common form fields across all content types and how you can use these fields to direct where your content should be published within the TSL site. Content specific fields and instructions will be described in the respective user guide sections.


The title is exactly what it sounds like, the tile of your content. When filling in your title, think about what pages you plan to publish your content on. How should you best describe your content for others to scan the entire web page and quickly know what your piece of content is about.

For example, if the content is going to be published to the Resources Needed page, then you might not want to use the title "Resources Needed" instead, describe more specifically what's needed e.g. 2 computational biologists needed for malaria effort.

The Community field is used to publish content to the appropriate communities within The Synaptic Leap. For example, any content with a community of malaria research will be published on the malaria research community posts page. A post can be published to multiple communities by holding the ctl-key while selecting the appropriate communities.

Sometimes you may not want a post to go to any community posts page. For example, you may create an image which for the sole purpose of referencing it within another piece of content. In cases such as this, it is best to keep the community selection as <none>. Â


subject form fieldÂ

"Subject" represents general subject categories for a piece of content. Later, we may chose to provide navigation for Community/Subject specific topics e.g. a navigation page for General Open Research and Community Status. Â

At this juncture, the only Subject driving content publication placement is the "Resources needed" subject. Any piece of content, regardless of the community selected, given a subject of "Resources needed" will be published on our Resources Needed page.Â





Book/project pages and blogs have a body. This is where you will write your content that will be published as a web page. If you use Windows Explorer or Firefox as your browser, you will have a fairly robust editor available to you. It will give you basic word processing formatting options such as heading styles, bold, italic, underline, bullets... More web-specific formatting tools include links, images and html.

Additionally, each piece of content also allows for related content via:

  • Comments, created as a threaded response to another piece of content
  • Attachments, files uploaded as additional information to the source content

NOTE: more links and content to be added on this subject later. In the mean time, I hope this post is helpful.