TSL Status March 14, 2006

10 Mar
Published by gtaylor


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Presentation given at Stanford

Marc A. Marti Renom is by far our biggest evangelist and his efforts are making a big impact. He recently gave a presentation at Stanford talking about the goals and objectives of The Synaptic Leap and Tropical Disease Initiative. Marc posted a brief description as well as the presentation he gave this tsl post. The great news is that people at Stanford are emailing other people participating on The Synaptic Leap and they looking to find the appropriate way to get involved. Mat posted a bit of that exchange here: Ways to get involved and the Stanford connection.

Marketing observation and future objective

An interesting observation from this is that shortly after Marc gave the presentation, I noticed a spike in user activity - both more people browsing as well as a few new registered users from Stanford as well as people from Germany and Italy. We saw a similar spike in activity after Marc spoke at a QB3 Neglected Diseases symposium. In fact it was after the symposium that we were blogged about on World Changing. That in turn led to a spike in user activity.

Based on the user activity pattern observations, I'm drawing the conclusion that our best approach to getting new participants is a technique called viral marketing (rather ironic). I know marketing seems like a dirty word because it makes you feel manipulated. However, one of the foundational principles of The Synaptic Leap is Metcalf's Law. I firmly believe that as more people are looking at and attacking a problem that we will get an exponential effect of ideas building on ideas. TSL is to be an online lab meeting for cross-discipline scientists to connect the dots and find the cures.  Because of this, we absolutely want more participants on board collaborating. And yes, this means marketing...

One of my medium-term goals is to post more tools and directions for others to become evangelists. We need to enable the true believers to spread the word. In the mean time, I have asked Marc to take his slides and turn them into a quick time movie so that others may watch online or on their iPods. This should help to scale Marc's outreach efforts and allow more people to see what we're about.

1st Board of Directors Meeting

On Monday February 27, Arti, Tom, Paul and I meet for nearly three hours. This was our first meeting and was primarily concerned with non-profit organizational issues. We established our positions, responsibilities and agreed upon a set of bylaws that have been sent to our lawyer for approval. Once we have an official set of these bylaws, those approved by the board as well as our legal council, I will post them on the site.

Our officer appointments are as follows:


I've left Oracle and am Working Only on TSL

I've come to believe so much in what we're trying to do that I have decided to give it my all. I will be largely focused on non-profit organizational issues as well as seed funding.  My goal is to have TSL sufficiently funded to have the board hire an Executive Director as well as one full-time programmer / system administrator.