16 Feb
Published by marcius

This is really interesting. We certainly should try to get some of that working within TDI/TSL!

Welcome to
Postgenomic aggregates posts from life science blogs and then does useful and interesting things with that data. For example, it allows you to get an instant picture of what news stories are being heavily linked to by researchers in the medical sciences, or which papers are being cited or reviewed most often by bioinformaticians, or which buzzwords are being used the most frequently by evolutionary biologists.
It's sort of like a hot papers meeting with the entire biomed blogging community.


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The site is definitely interesting. When you say that "we sholuld try to get some of that working within TDI/TSL" what do you mean?

I don't see RSS feeds or even so much as a search box, so we can't get a feed from there into our site. Do you mean that we should try to produce the same functionality for our research topics? I'm hesitant to become a high-end journal club. My vision (willing to be wrong and adjust our direction) is that we provide a workbench of tools and/or links to tools including topical news feeds and that we provide the community and project infrastructure for people to connect and collaborate on scientific projects.

Paint your vision for me.

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Hi Ginger,

I mean that have a nice (and I would say smart) way of organizing data from severla blogs. I am sure that the person runnning the site would not mind to share some of the data he is collecting into some sort of RSS, which we could parse as needed at TDI/TSL. He is actually asking for people to get involved and gives away the code.


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Great! That idea is very achievable and is consistent with my vision. What makes sense then is to collaborate with these folks on requirements for their site. What we need is for them to tag and/or index their content and to produce RSS feeds with those parameters. The first parameters we would use malaria, schisto and "open research" to be extended by future communities we add within TSL. These enhancements would be useful for scientists in general - not just those working within TSL. Therefore they should be open to the ideas. You may want to send an email with this info and hopefully they'll immediately get it. If it turns into a big exercise where they're looking for programming bodies, then we'll have to add it to our list of enhancements and prioritize as appropriate.

I also see that you tagged some TSL content on their site. Yet another good idea.