Wikis for genomic research

16 Feb
Published by marcius


general open research

Few days ago, Nature received that article which sparkle some intense debate in the BioMed community: Gene-function wiki would let biologists pool worldwide resources : Nature: "As a frequent user of Wikipedia and also a biologist, I hope that one day a wiki on gene function will be voluntarily created and maintained by biologists." At TDI/TSL We have envisioned what we call the "GeneCards" that will collect all available information (mostly from NCBI) about a given gene. Then users of the community would be able to do several things with the cards: i) VISUALIZE. Users will be able to see what a gene card has to say about a given gene. Imagine being able to visualize centralized data for a given gene. ii) MODIFY. Users will be able to add information. Imagine a GeneWiki specialized for biological data entry. iii) LINK. Users will be able to (using bookmarklets) link pieces of information in the web to a given gene (including pubmed entries). Imagine Connotea/CiteUlike with a third dimension (user/data/gene). iv) "OWN". Users will be able to save a GeneCard into their "baskets" and associated data to them (such as tags). Imagine Flickr for genes. Of course, all of this is just in our imagination for now (and still for some time). We are planning to develop de needed modules within Drupal and initially apply them to the malaria genome. Any help is welcome! ;-) Best! marc