Gene Wiki Programmers Needed

15 Feb
Published by marcius


Request for Help

TDI and TSL are in need of volunteers for the tools development within the Malaria community. You can read about the projects themselves here. So, what we need? Basically, we seek programmers with an interest of being part of a new community for BioMedical research. You would be applying your skills to develop tools that that should help advance the research of drug discovery for neglected diseases. This is something that you will feel good about! Gives good Karma!! The skills we are looking for in a volunteer in those projects are: - JavaScripting (in particular bookmarklets) - PHP programmer - MySql database experience - Familiarity developing Wiki-based tools a strong plus. - Familiarity with Drupal a strong plus - Familiarity with Trac a strong plus - Familiarity with Subversion a strong plus If you see that you would like to join, please do so by posting a comment to this entry! Thanks! marc


Hi, I am wondering if TDI is still looking for a Gene Wiki Programmer; I am only an undergrad, but I have had experience doing with Bioinformatics (specifically upAUG gene misannotations in yeast), open source software development and web development (especially content management system such as Drupal). I am proficient in mySQL, PHP, and have done basic biochemistry research in a lab. Please let me know if you people still need help on the project.

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We recently got an email inquiry on the same topic. Marc is reviewing that now. What I would like to do is combine efforts and make it stronger and open for all to used as appropriate.

I also know of some folks asking for this kind of feature for the study of the snail genome for Schisto research.

I'm going to ping Marc and get him in on this angle.

Thanks much for your post! 

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Hi Paul,

Thanks for your inquiry. We are certainly interested in people helping TSL. We shall see how we can best match your ineterests with the needs of the GeneWiki project.

I am now revisiting some stuff the people at the MPG did on similar approach for an open GeneWiki (read more about their proposal here). Maybe we can join efforts (?).