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11 Feb
Published by jcbradley

I have an organic chemistry lab available to carry out some of the synthetic work that needs to be done. As of this week our lab notebook is available online here http://usefulchem-experiments1.blogspot.com and discussions of our synthetic strategy is made public here http://usefulchem.blogspot.com

Our main focus is currently the synthesis and testing of anti-malarial agents. We would welcome input from the scientists on your team to help us contribute more effectively to this open science project.


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Thanks much for the offer. I'm talking with Marc this morning. He's the malaria research community leader. We will brainstorm how to best inspire/initiate/direct new collaborative projects when people such as yourself are making such open offers.

Also, a few questions to you:

  • is your blog primarily focused on Malaria research?
  • does it make sense to begin blogging here instead? My aim here is simply to try and pool all malaria research together and therefore to hopefully get more eyeballs on the problem.
    • If yes - awesome! Get your other contrubutors on board and have at it.
    • If not, help me to understand why. It will help me to be sure that we're building the right solutions. Also, if not, should we subscribe to your RSS feed within our Malaria community - or is it more general than malaria research?

Looking forward to seeing more collaborations to tackle malaria one way or another...

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Malaria is not the only project of UsefulChem but it is the main concern at this point.  For a summary of all projects and the history of how the malaria research at UsefulChem came about see the summary under the malaria link here:


I also did an interview in Reactive Reports explaining the project's philosophy more


I have been contacting you to delineate the appropriate interface with TheSynapticLeap.  There are RSS feeds available at many levels

The molecules we use (tasks here include finding commercial sources, donations and synthetic routes)

The experiments we do (essentially my lab's research notebook) 

Discussions of our experiments, synthetic strategy and objectives.

Only chemists would likely appreciate the first 2 feeds.  The third will have material understandable by a wider audience.

What level of information were you planning to host?

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Click on the malaria research folder, then RSS news feeds. We are aggregating feeds from multiple sources about malaria. My aim is to help bring content about malaria to those who are studying malaria. Here's a post I wrote a while back on the topic.

It looks like you're really doing collaborative research via your own tools. Which is awesome. Our goal is to build a community whereby people with alike interests are drawn together to assist with these kinds of projects - assist with ideas, resources... There is power in numbers.

We're obviously still in the early stages of building that kind of community. But we are getting reasonable foot traffic. Perhaps it makes sense for you to post a sumary project page for the open collaborative projects that you are currently doing and then link back as appropriate to your blog for more details. If we can help drive traffic to your site to help you - great! It seems like that's the better use of linking your content to our site. Let me know if you see other angles.

Another idea, Mat's working on synthesis improvements for Praziquantel (drug for schisto). He has a full time student or two starting up to work on this. He wants input and also wants to see some parallel projects with alternative ideas going on. Can you guys assist with his project?

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There's certainly a lot of overlap. An organic chemistry lab is a versatile thing, and anyone can have a go at these targets. Power in numbers is the key to the whole enterprise! We're starting on our project, and will post results when we have them. Jean-Claude has already started doing this on his site.

Going beyond this, we would hope others would suggest new routes to our targets,as well as addressing the one already posted. Maybe we missed something...