A quick compound update

24 Jul
Published by pylioja



Tomorrow we will be having an open chat with anyone who wants to pitch in about which compounds we should be making for the next round of testing. We've been talking about this for a while (phase 1, phase 2) and this the final call before we split some of the compounds into seperate jobs that teams can take on. In the mean time, I've made a few of the compounds we mentioned and I'm most of the way to a couple of others. The compounds below are ready and 1H NMR pure, with the exception of PMY 56-1 that still requires further purification.


new compounds

I've also been working on the synthesis of the oxazole compound, sB. I'm mostly there; just a hydrolysis, acid chloride and coupling away. The plan is to scale up and make the primary, secondary and tertiary amides immediately as it won't add much more work. The same method should work well for the pyrazole analogue, sG. For the moment the pyrazole core I have has 4-H rather than a 4-F aryl substituent.


Also, it seems that bromination of the pyrrole is quite trivial. The bromopyrrole should be useful for plenty of coupling chemistry. If anyone wants some of this material for cross-couplings, then I can send some over but it's probably quicker to make it!

PMY 52