Shop Till You Hit - Part II, no Giveaways after all ?

15 Jul
Published by cdsouthan


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This is a follow up to the post from May
Unfortunately the vendors survery conducted on behalf of OSDD malaria, despite some helpfull publicity, came up with only two replies.
I have expounded on the possible reasons for failiure in this blog post
It also inlcudes a few thoughts on alternative ways forward in the procurment quest, including requesting from patent assigness and possible cherry-picking from the NIH screening collection


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I guess the hypothetical question is going to become a real one quite soon - we'll be finalising the list of Top 10 Commercial compounds in the next week or so, and then will have a specific set of molecules we'd like to evaluate. Donations at that stage would be gratefully received and acknowledged in resulting papers. Let's see...

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I'm wondering now if I had dangled that "and get mentioned in papers" more explicltly as part of the questionaire we would have had more responses. I doubt it actually but nevertherless its a good incentive to use going forward.

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Yes. The incentives for industry to get involved are many and complex but I think that getting involved in good research that is philanthropic is important, as is being seen to be helping in such an enterprise. The bandwidth required is variable, but in the case of compound donations is small. Since the project is open, companies are free to talk about their involvement to anyone. I'd also highlight one other thing - open science is still very unusual. A company that gets involved in something like this will be doing something few other companies are doing at the moment, i.e. a participating group demonstrates a certain philosophical agility. To me this is important, and might be a way for a CRO (for example) to distinguish itself from others in a very competitive market.