Patents, Universities and Open Source

17 Sep
Published by MatTodd




general open research

Saw this very interesting article/development. Intel sponsoring research at top universities, but heavily encouraging the projects to be open source and the universities not to take out patents. A bold step, very counter to the philosophy that is so familiar to any current academic. From the website:
"The IP policies and practices within the ISTCs will typically be designed to level the playing field for all of the participants, thereby enhancing cooperation and open collaboration.  The preferred IP policy is to conduct open research wherein ISTC researchers, whether from academia or Intel, agree to not file patents and to publish all patentable inventions. All significant software developed in the course of conducting research will be released under an open source license. Any background IP introduced into a center project will have to be licensed by the other parties involved before it can be used within the project.  Of course, specific legal agreements will be negotiated between Intel and each participating university."
Patentless research is how we're operating our open science projects - particularly the malaria drug discovery project. Patents are ignored in order to accelerate the pace of discovery (I assume that is Intel's intention here).
(Alerted to this by Tweet from Jon Wilbanks)