A list of what's needed in the OSDD Malaria project

Published by MatTodd on 27 August 2011 - 12:35pm

Main: Comment/Analysis on Initial Bioactivity Data

We have some excellent first results. What to do next?


Resynthesis of TCMDC-123812 and TCMDC-123794 (ELN)

Need: advice on oxidation of pyrrole-3-carbaldehydes - here. Through a work-around, these syntheses are complete, but we could still ue advice on the step above. Done


General Analog Synthesis Planning

Need: Advice from med chemists on what to alter first - here.


Biological Evaluation of Initial Leads

Need: Advice on what kinds of biological evaluation are most desirable to validate the initial GSK leads - here.


Where Else Can we Access This Series?

Need: People with stocks of analogous compounds (i.e. members of the arylpyrrole series) to submit those compounds for screening. First possibility seen here.

We're compiling a list on OpenWetWare of compounds we would like to source.