Doemling's Chiral Praziquantel Synthesis????

09 Mar
Published by CreativeChemistry

 While Doemling has published (and patented) a Ugi approach to racemic PZQ, there was also a claim in an abstract from a ASTMH meeting from December 2008 that he was to talk about a chiral synthesis (abstract below). Anyone know anything about this?


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Bill - Yes, I think Jean-Claude Bradley and I saw this a while back then forgot to do anything about it. You've reminded me that I've got an email waiting to be sent to Alex - I'll reach out to try to find more information. Thanks very much for posting this.
[Update: someone previously posted the link to this abstract here: - thank you to this person also]

Ooops, that was me before we got involved- forgot about that! 
Still would like to know about the chiral though.

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I heard back from Alex by email a few days ago and he said that the asymmetric route never worked out.