Development of OSDD business model - assistance wanted

06 Dec
Published by clarson

We (at the Norwegian Knowledge Center for Health Services) are attempting to create an open source drug discovery business model that will hopefully assist individuals interested in undertaking such a project. Once the model is created, it will be made freely available. (You can read more about our project at To build this model, we would like to learn from you about your experiences at the Synaptic Leap.

Will you help us and open source drug discovery by answering some questions over the next two-three months?
Here is the first set of questions. You can answer them either here by responding to this post or by sending me an email to cha(at)
1.            What is your main profession or if you are a student, what profession do you aspire to be (for example, biologist)?
2.            What is your current professional status (for example, student, employed, self-employed, unemployed or retiree)?
3.            How did you find out about the Synaptic Leap?
4.            Why do you participate in projects at the Synaptic Leap?
5.            How much time during an average week do you spend reading or working on tasks for projects at the Synaptic Leap?
6.            Are you paid to spend time reading or working on tasks that you post on the Synaptic Leap? Does your employer have policies that permit or encourage open source involvement? What benefits, if any, does your employer hope to gain from your involvement in this project?
7.            What tools and/or resources must an individual have access to in order to contribute to projects on the Synaptic Leap?
8.            When a task requires laboratory work, how do you manage to gain access to the laboratory? Is payment required and if so, who pays?
9.            When a task requires the use of physical resources (e.g. chemicals, etc.), how do you manage to secure the resources and who pays for them?
Kind regards,
Christine Aardal
Project Manager
The Norwegian Knowledge Center for Health Services
P.O. Box 7004, St. Olavs plass
N-0130 Oslo
Telephone: +47 23 25 50 00
Email: cha(at)