Help from the Process Sector

06 May
Published by MatTodd

It's been a great week for the PZQ project, since we've had an injection of real help from the people we most need - process chemists. Much of this has arisen from a discussion I started on LinkedIn, which then became emails, but all participants have either actively participated on this site, or granted permission for the posting of information here. Nick Tyrell from Almac Sciences has already provided a huge amount of great advice for several aspects of the synthesis, mostly for the resolution of PZQamine. We also received advice from Alfio Borghese from Solvay and most recently an exciting offer of a practical collaboration with Syncom BV in the Netherlands. Results from their screen of conditions for resolving PZQamine will be posted here openly when they're received.
We welcome anyone on board the project - that's why it's open science. Any and all help is gratefully received, and papers arising from the work (hopefully soon) will recognise all contributions. Comments can be posted on any page, new pages started, and existing pages can be changed by anyone.
Thank you and please keep it coming guys - we're working on a real problem, against a serious price constraint. The enantiopure drug will make a serious difference to the lives of millions of people and we will, as Chemists, have actually solved a practical problem that society expects us to be able to solve.