Racemic synthesis of rac-PZQ via the Reissert route

29 Jan
Published by Michael Wolfle

The first large scale synthesis of rac-PZQ was developed by the Merck KG and Bayer AG (Merck process).[1,2]  Isoquinoline as a cheap starting material was transformed by the Reissert reaction with cyanide and cyclohexanoyl chloride 2 to the cyano amide 3.

In the literature to this reaction only a few patent procedures are known, which are not very detailed in description.[3]  To understand the Reissert reaction we start a screening approach under various conditions.

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[2]       History of Praziquantel: http://www.stanford.edu/group/parasites/ParaSites2006/Praziquantel/history.html
[3]    J. Zhongliang, Chinese Patent Application CN101445507