13 Oct
Published by RyanPakula

Hello to scientists who are hopefully reading this.  My name is Ryan Pakula, and I'm beginning an entirely open source project on praziquantel with Dr. Mat Todd at the University of Sydney.  I thought it might be important to have a quick little intro post so people didn't think, "who's the heck's this rando?"  I've just finished the equivalent of my honors year at uni (how the Australians refer to it) or college (if you're American) at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California, and I'm out here in Australia doing some cool chemistry and exploring the area in my free time.  Please read about the work I'm doing, and, as an even greater request, respond and discuss and help us demonstrate the efficacy of open source chemistry!

The plan is to present very detailed, lab notebook-ish, personal accounts in "My blog" and to have concise summaries, worthy of being used as a reference for other researchers as they might a journal article, presented under the schisto research page at the Current Projects for Schistosomiasis link.  For example, the first couple of projects we are planning are "Recrystallization of PZQ" and "Chromatography of PZQ" under the heading of "Purifying PZQ" (it'll be there soon, just not quite yet).  My blog will contain basically everything we've found that is interesting and may help towards our goals, but will contain too much information for it to be a quick reference (literally, this will basically contain a replica of my lab notebook plus some).
So please read often, contribute!, and it should be a great experience for all and an interesting experiment in open source science.