Help for molecular analysis of S.haematobium from cameroon

08 Sep
Published by luogbou

I am Luogbou-nzu, PhD student at the university of Yaoundé I camerron. I am working on genetic diversity of Schistosoma haematobium from Cameroon.  At this level I have already collected samples from 10 villages in Cameroon. In total, 44 isolates of adults worms (1273 males and 979 females), 99 samples for miracidia and 37 samples for cercariae are available for molecular analysis.It is very important to gain better insight into the biological haracteristics of the human schistosomes species, including their transmission and epidemiological patterns, that is why a detailed understanding of their genetic structure and heterogeneity is vital. In this project, I would like to examine the genetic diversity and population structure of S. haematobium occurring in Cameroon, using microsatellite markers and DNA barcoding technology (or any other advantageous approach). I am now looking for any facilities to complete this project because in our laboratory, there is no equipment for molecular analysis. So any researcher interested in this project would be welcome


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Hi Luogbou
I asked some friends/colleagues about your question - one suggested that you contact Phil LoVerde at - hopefully he can help directly or point you in the right direction   -  do let TSL know how this pans out.

good luck - fingers crossed

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Sounds like a good contact from Saj. I will post a request for assistance on Friendfeed too, but what would be really interesting is if you can essentially do the project here - i.e. in the open, so that readers can all find out what you're doing and how they can help.
I guess the first item of business is getting biological samples from Cameroon to your possible collaborators. (I was briefly at the University of Yaounde in 2004)

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Dear Matthew

Thank you for your intrest. Please excuse me, but I don't know how does Friendfeed work?
I remain at your disposal for further explanation.
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Dear Matthew
I come back again with my topic "molecular analysis of schistosoma haematobium from cameroon". I need facilties to achieve this analysis.
Please show me how I can manege this.

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Dear saj
I am very flattered by the Intrest that  you carry on my work. I will contact professor Loverde. So please continue to explore other possibilities for carrying out this work.
Best whishes