Journal Policies on the Publication of Previously-Released Data

23 Mar
Published by MatTodd


general open research

Can we publish papers based on data that have previously been made public? Is a conference presentation prior disclosure? If we worked together to write a review article on a wiki, can we submit it for publication? If we conduct an open source research project with a number of collaborators on a website, where can we send the resulting articles for peer-review?

These issues are important. It is difficult to recommend conducting open research to students if they cannot be sure to get peer-reviewed papers out of their research.

The policies of many journals are out of date on these issues, owing to the enormous advances in web technologies over the last few years. To clarify such policies, a few of us have assembled a draft letter we intend to send to publishers.

Please read the draft here, and either edit directly or suggest changes below. If you would like to add your name to the letter, please do so directly on the wiki.


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The theme of our letter to editors has altered a little since the post above, and is now a more general request about the acceptability of publishing data or papers that have previously been made publicly available. It's important we establish which journals accept which kinds of articles.

If you're interested, please visit the wiki and add your name to the letter. It'll be circulated to publishers soon.