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16 Dec
Published by gtaylor


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New Approach to Open Contributions Experiment at Google

Check out Google's Highly Open Participation Contest. They are trying to create an open task list approach to getting help from people who want to help but don't know quite how to get started. Drupal, the open source content management application we use here at TSL is one of the projects involved. Here's the Drupal project page for GHOP. And here's a list of open tasks for Drupal.

My reason for bringing this to the surface is because I'm simply curious as to whether a research project could possibly be orchestrated this way? I know that I get many emails from people wanting to help but not knowing how.

If you have a project and know tasks that could be done by others - either due to different specialization, assets or simply time, perhaps it's worth listing those tasks and asking for help.

Google's Summer of Code

On a somewhat related note:

At TSL, we've seen posts asking for a Chem Drawing tool to be added to our site. However, the project fell flat. People who intended to do it got busy with something else. This happens a lot in the open source / volunteer world. If you're a chemist with good PHP programming skills and have an interest in this project, then apply for Google's Summer of Code project. Google historically has favored many Drupal projects for SOC and I also know that they're keenly interested in open science. I think there's a really good chance such a project would get approved. It could be a fantastic experience for a PhD student or post doc and you could get paid a little for some valuable contributions.

Let me know if you're interested. TSL will, of course, write a letter to support the project.