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27 Mar
Published by tiago


First, introductions: I am a PhD student in Bioinformatics (BsC in Computer Science, MSc in Bioinformatics. Thesis topic in selection detection). Contrary to most PhD students I happen to have some free time that I would like to use in "useful" science.

After having seen this highly inspirational video about open source drug discovery I decided that the free time I have would be spent around what I've seen on that video. Although my area of PhD is a bit different, I had courses in computational drug design and proteomics, so I have a general overview of the area (in fact most examples given were, fortunately, around Malaria). My strong point (what I can offer) is software development coupled with some knowledge of Chemistry and Biology.

I am checking the community site for a few days from now and is never functional. Is it possible to put it back on? Or better yet, point where some communities around open source Bioinformatics applied to Malaria are alive? Or projects needing computer scientists willing to give their free time to this?

Many thanks to whoever reads this,


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We could definitely use your help at UsefulChem to help confirm our most recent docking results with malarial enoyl reductase. It would be nice to get some confirmation using another program (we used THINK). Can you help?