Google Summer of Code 2007

Published by gtaylor on 20 March 2007 - 4:34pm

Google is now accepting student applications for their 2007 Summer of Code program. I think we can leverage this program to get scientific collaborative enhancements added to The Synaptic Leap to take our collaboration for tropical diseases to the next level.


The Synaptic Leap uses Drupal for our website application. It is an open source PHP/MySql solution designed for optional extension/plugin modules. Historically, google has sponsored quite a few drupal extension module projects in their summer of code program. As such there's advice at the Drupal site on how to go about getting your project approved.


I would like a programmer/scientist/student and volunteer to think of a great scientific-specific collaboration enhancement needed at The Synaptic Leap. Run it by me and I'll tweak the idea if needed and add my signature of approval for it. Use the Drupal forum to help you with the application and then Submit it to Google. If you get approved, then you get paid to develop this, get great experience with google and exposure here at TSL. TSL will be happy to provide a hosted development environment with a copy of the TSL application to use for your testing and/or development environment. We can help out with backups...

A few ideas previously discussed at TSL:

  • chemical compound drawing and collaboration tool e.g. this thread had lots of support but appears to have fallen through the cracks.
  • a genomic prioritization tool to identify drug targets e.g. portions of the gene wiki idea

Perhaps you have others.



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