Chagas Community Leader Needed

06 Aug
Published by gtaylor


Request for Help


general open research

We'd like to open a research community for Chagas. We have at least one scientist looking to start an open project for Chagas and we're looking for somebody to be the online champion and leader. General responsibilities include:

  • Writing a research cummunity introduction page, something that will inspire others to pitch in.
  • Identify online news sources for Chagas
  • Identify online tools and resource links for Chagas
  • Evangilize open, collaborative research for Chagas spreading the word helping to get more people participating
  • Monitor the site content people and aiding the community by connecting resources to needs
  • Be generally proactive and vocal, giving The Synaptic Leap constructive criticism helping us to evolve The Synaptic Leap processes and tools

Other volunteers at The Synaptic Leap will set up the menu links and other core research community pages.

Email Ginger if you're interested.