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01 Nov

GemIdent - color image segmentation software

Published by way4thesub

Hi all,


I would like to introduce my open-source project at Stanford, GemIdent:


GemIdent specializes in color image segmentation using supervised machine learning. For example, you can use it to locate and count cells in microscopic images:

genetic diversity of schistosoma haematobium

Published by luogbou on 30 September 2007 - 7:03pm

I am a biochemist i have a good background on molecular biology. i would like to joint a research team to complete my PhD thesis.According to my accademic profile, i am able to work on many research areas like genetic diversity of schistosoma, efficacity of praziquantel, vaccine development against schistosoma spp. and so one.


Request for Help

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29 Apr

Lead Discovery Database at WHO

Published by MatTodd



There's a new database from WHO for tracking new targets for drug discovery for neglected diseases. Not much there yet, but it's sure to grow.


24 Apr

Poser un question - bleu de méthylène contre la malaria

Published by rayonsoleil

C'est possible que tout le monde sait que la quinine est employé contre la malaria.

Cependant, j'avais lu d'un traitement différent. Un traitement également vieux -- c'est bleu de méthylène.

Il serait certainement peu coûteux comparé à la plupart des autres traitements. Même si il n'est pas très efficace, serait-il meilleur qu'aucun traitement du tout, n'est-ce-pas ?

Savez-vous . . . ce qui s'est produit avec l'idée du bleu de méthylène ?

12 Apr

[TDR] Harvard University Symposium on "The future of Malaria Research"

Published by gtaylor

From WHO's TDR mailing list:

-for tropical disease researchers & friends: "tdr-scientists list"

Please find below a message from Harvard University


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

07 Apr

Question about artemesia

Published by rayonsoleil

Is anyone engaged in providing Artemesia annua (artemesia) plants or seeds, to malaria-ridden areas?

Could residents grow their own plants and either grind the leaves, or steep them into tea, etc. - in order to make their own herbal medicine?

Waiting for tablets and capsules from the Western world may take a long time, and be very expensive.