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Design Features for Open Source Drug Discovery

Published by smaurer on 15 December 2005 - 10:42pm

Dear All:

I just went on the site and it looks really, really super.  Congratulations to all, and especially Synaptic Leap.  I know that people are writing software for the pilot projects and until I see them I probably shouldn't kibbitz.  But it's irresistable. 

1) I know that Gene Poll isn't done yet, but how we design the voting rules will govern how the community interacts and develops new insights.  let me make some suggestions anyhow. 


a) First of all, voters need to know their choices.  That means a ballot (web page) where everyone who logs on can see a complete list of candidate genes, learn what the gene is and why it might be useful, learn where to go on the site if you want to learn more, and add their own write-ins.  Also, how will the initial list of "candidates" be submitted.  Will there be just a few?  I know a biologist who has about 50 public domain hits, should she submit all of them?


Q&A and Feedback


Published by marcius on 2 December 2005 - 6:03am

Hi all, We have started the development of projects in the Malaria community. There are several projects that we are starting (see more about the projects here). We would love to see more projects being proposed. Please, use this venue for such a task. We will listen and try to adapt as much as we can your suggestions! If you have a particular comment to make about an existing project, the best way will be to leave a comment in their respective pages.


Q&A and Feedback

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Published by marcius on 1 December 2005 - 11:41pm
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