Shop Till You Hit

14 May
Published by cdsouthan


Request for Help

I have been helping out with public searches for the OSM-S compounds.  One of the many utilities of PubChem is as a meta-vendor portal.  The question immediately arises as to what analogs of the more potent hits might be available for purchase and testing via the outlinks provided in PubChem.  I consider myself  able and willing to navigate the bioactivity spaghetti links but this is the first time I have done any serious ferreting through the vendor maze.  Because this turned out to be unexpectedly difficult I have written a personal blog post  that I hope will be informative for the project
In addition I have put together a short survey that I hope might encourage some Chemical Suppliers to offer direct support to the project  ( feel free to forward this if you have appropriate vendor contacts)
The project needs to explore multiple avenues for assistance with chemical procument.  We can hope that this enhances one of them.



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Following up from the blog post above I did manage to resolve the purchasable analogues of OSM-S-39 at 95% similarity down to five PubChem CIDs.  None of these have those triflouros on the terminal ring so lets hope they are not essentical
While this is an observation not a recommendation I have checked that the MolPort links in the SIDs under those CIDs are the only ones that link right through and appear to have all these cpds in stock

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Chris - this is great. I think we ought to go to Molport and request some, or at least request a quote and see what comes back. Call me cynical, but I'd like to see if these things actually exist in any meaningful sense. Fingers crossed they do.

I've just generated an emolecules list of purchasable compounds from one Iain Wallace's maps. I'm just listing a bit of a  desired compounds shopping list on a separate sheet of our overall compounds spreadsheet:
It contains desired compounds regardless of whether they exist or not. Known suppliers and data can be filled in when we discover it. This can also be used to track when suppliers have been contacted and so on.