Resources Needed

Published by gtaylor on 23 February 2006 - 4:20pm

Want to Contribute?

Our Resources Needed page aggregates all posts for volunteer and resources needed for open research projects. These resources may include lab time, materials, CPU cycles computations - whatever is needed to move an open research project forward. If you are interested in a particular project, login and post a comment expressing your interest.

Need Help With Your Project?

To post a request for resources for your own open research project, you may login and create a blog page with a "Subject" of Resources needed and it will automatically be added to this page. If these resources are related to a specific project logged within TSL you can also create/associate the resource request page as a "child page" to your project page. This will allow people to find your resolource request needs from both your project page and the resources needed menu item.

General tips for posting a resources needed page:

  • People generally scan the web, use bullets
  • Provide explicit links to pages where you have more project details should you entice them with your bullets. You can create a project page or a blog page to describe your project.
  • Describe what's in it for the volunteers. What will they learn, how will they help the world, what great contacts will they make?
  • Consider putting your email information directly on the post. I know that they can always post comments to find out more. But I've seen a big hesitancy in doing that. People are far more open with email.


    Request for Help


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    The first project posted on the schisto page needs chemists - armchair and wet lab-based.

    The former are needed to design new routes to enantiopure PZQ. The latter are needed to try out some of these routes. This is where a really powerful contribution can be made. For those of you already working in the areas of asymmetric catalysis, PZQ represents an application that has genuine real-world impact. We require high yields and e.e.s with minimal cost. For those of you thinking about using this as the basis for a student project, feel free to contact me for any advice you may need - or just go ahead and do it!