Will you collaborate with somebody you've never met?

Published by gtaylor on 10 September 2006 - 2:26pm


general open research


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I have still yet to meet Mat Todd. In fact we have only spoken on the phone once. I've been quite comfortable getting to know him via email and online. I trust him and will gladly work with him.

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Glad to hear it, Ginger!

You're asking an interesting general question about collaborations across large distances in biomedical research. I'm sure a lot of people in the open source software community would find it funny that we are even asking this question.

I'm interested to see how the poll goes.

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John Honek Professor Department of Chemistry University of Waterloo Canada

I have collaborated with other scientists whom I did not have the opportuinity to meet face to face. They included crystallographers, microbiologists, biophysicists and chemists. Email was the usual medium for communication. Sometimes by phone. I have also collaborated with scientists in industry. However, given the patenting requirements of industry, that interaction was more restrictive.  Nonetheless things worked very well. Life is too short to worry about everything!  There are plenty of problems out there to solve, many of which are causing horrific diseaes in people who have no one to champion for them.  Since their problems (and they are our problems too!) are biochemically complex (pathogen biochemistry and cellular physiology) collaboration is essential.