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  • People generally scan the web, use bullets
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  • Describe what's in it for the volunteers. What will they learn, how will they help the world, what great contacts will they make?
  • Consider putting your email information directly on the post. I know that they can always post comments to find out more. But I've seen a big hesitancy in doing that. People are far more open with email.


    Request for Help

    Sharing NMR data with jspecview

    MA4-1-11.dx101.17 KB


    Request for Help


    general open research

    The need to share raw NMR data effectively brought up a small technical challenge, and there have been posts about this here and here. Using our transfer hydrogenation result as a random example, we thought we'd try jspecview, and the .dx file is attached to this post. We've been having problems with this, in that the attached is an FID, not the spectrum, and jspecview doesn't like it. Surely an FID is more useful/interesting? Surely it shouldn't matter?
    Secondly jspecview seems to worry about where it's installed - directly on a c: drive is better than elsewhere, we've found. When I did get the program working on a sample spectrum, I couldn't do much beyond look at it and zoom in. I was not able to integrate manually, for example. Can jspecview handle 2D spectra? Any open alternatives for this?
    I'm being a pedant - it's open source and in development. But I worry that if we're hoping organic chemists will adopt this tool more widely, e.g. for the routine analysis of supporting information to get away from pdf'd spectra, we need to greatly reduce our expectations of their computer literacy first.