PZQ Manufacturing Capacity


Request for Help

Let's think long-term: How best to scale up production of PZQ?

This is likely most economically done in India or China (possibly Brazil or South Africa), all of which have well-established pharmaceutical manufacturing sectors.  However, building manufacturing capacity in poorer disease-endemic countries stands to have enormous benefits for economic development and potential to eventually better meet local and regional general pharmaceutical demand! 
Best places to start?  Perhaps Uganda (starting with Quality Chemicals Industries, which opened a facility in Kampala recently pre-qualified by WHO to manufacture antiretroviral HIV drugs), other relatively disease-endemic countries (e.g. Rwanda) or other regional economic powers (e.g. South Africa).

Some of the African science and drug development networks could be helpful in identifying partners and determining how best to proceed: ANDI, SSI, ISHReCA, or the Emory South Africa Drug Discovery Program.
A major challenge may lie in weak regulatory capacity (complex and difficult to navigate) in many African countries.  
Thoughts?  Comments?