Malaria Gene Basket

This project is in discussion.

Gene annotation is essential for the advance of research in Malaria. Thus, we believe that allowing the users of the Malaria community in TSL automatically "annotate" each gene/protein in the malaria genome, can only benefit basic research towards drug discovery against Malaria. The aim of this project is to provide such tools in a flexible manner so they can be extended to different genomes in the future.

As seen in other social communities for photos or bookmarks., TSL registered users will be able to save gene cards in their baskets and associate pieces of information or tags to entries in the basket. This will allow a semi-automatic association of data to particular genes in their baskets.

The mechanism will take advantage of the use of bookmarklets so that the user can add information to its basket with just one click on their browser.

For example, a user may be browsing the literature at PubMed and find an interesting article, with just one click the system should be able to propose and association between the article and any of the genes in his/her basket.