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21 Jul

Chikungunya in Mauritius

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Request for Help
i recently came across this wonderful site and i am pleased that it is doing a very noble work of doing open source research for non-profit motives.
I have a request if you don't mind. I am from a tropical island called Mauritius found in the indian ocean. A few months back our island and our neighbour island reunion got badly struck with the chikungunya disease and it has affected our economy and people very much.
No drugs are available apart from pain killers and some of the patients (including my mother) are having ever lasting pain. maybe you could please place chikungunya in your research calendar as no labs are coming with drugs or enough research on this project. Maybe because it is a problem not affecting big european countries...
here in Mauritius, for the time being it is under control because it is winter and the insects/vectors are having difficulty to reproduce. But we are dreading the return of summer in November. I wish there were enough reseach in this field but there are not many promising ones at present. Therefore i am very humbly requesting you to put your expertise together and come forward with a research programme on this disease so that it can be controlled or cured.
Thank you.