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20 Mar

Is Toxo connected to schizophrenia?

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External News

I thought I would point out this interesting article 
This article discusses the work of Jaroslav Flegr, a Czeck scientist who believes that Toxo is connected to schizophrenia and possibly other brain disorders.

21 Mar

If you build it, will they come?

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general open research

Hats Off! to Ginger for creating TSL.

I was quite excited when I first found TSL. I was, in fact, looking for an open research community, without much luck. I was actually planning on building a similar website, if I couldn't find one already in existence.

I must admit that I am somewhat discouraged that TSL has been around for over a year, had some rather high powered publicity at kickoff, but seems to be languishing.

Why are not more people here?

What are the issues that prevent people from contributing?