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09 Mar

Doemling's Chiral Praziquantel Synthesis????

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 While Doemling has published (and patented) a Ugi approach to racemic PZQ, there was also a claim in an abstract from a ASTMH meeting from December 2008 that he was to talk about a chiral synthesis (abstract below). Anyone know anything about this?

08 Nov

Alternative Approach to the Diamine Precursor

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 We have looked at an alternative process to generate the diamine precursor to PZQ, whose resolution is documented. The process involves reduction of the cyano-imine derived from the published reaction of THIQ with peroxide/tungstate/cyanide. Having been able to reduce 1-cyanoisoquinoline very cleanly using Pd/C we anticipated that it would be possible to do the same here. It would be important, however, to maintain acidic conditions to prevent the retro-addition of the cyanide (well documented for the 1-cyano and 1-(nitromethyl)isoquinolines with a free N-H).

29 Oct

Preparation of Low Cost (R)-(-)-Praziquantel

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Preparation of Chiral Praziquantel

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Following on from a project for the preparation of low cost
chiral mefloquine, we were asked by WHO to have a brief look at praziquantel in
order to see if we had any ideas for a low cost synthesis of the chiral
Current Industrial
The first objective was to determine the process which is